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Human Beings in this life tend to place less value on emotions than they should. There is so much pain on the Planet and most people still don't understand that their pain is mostly emotional. People are afraid of this revelation about themselves because they are afraid of just how emotional they are. They are afraid of seeing their weaknesses and also they are afraid of the truth that there is work to be done on themselves.
Whether people want the truth or not it will show up in their reality in different forms and if we don't face the truth the truth will face us. The more we fight the truth of our emotions the more painful our lives become because we are not taking time to nurture a very real part of ourselves and when we don't give attention to the self, it deteriorates.
Jada Aleesha presents her work as a emotionally based service. She is an Emotional Coach first, all other aspects has to come second because the emotional system is the base for which the other parts of us functions.
Jada believes in using "non-suppressive" healing methods to work with her clients. She understands that suppression of the pain will result in more pain. This idea will seem backward to the average Human because collectively we have been taught life in a backwards manner and so now the truth sounds like it is backwards.
Jada urges you to try non-suppression relating to your emotional pain to try something new and see how you feel. When done with self-trust, patience and allowing non-suppression can be quite effective.
Jada uses a kind of mind probing technique to get to the root of our negative beliefs. She introduces different ways to change those beliefs and she uses both original and ancient methods to pull up your negative emotions and childhood memories that caused Trauma.
Using her methods will help to release pain for long term and permanent results to live a long, prosperous and love filled life.
Much like sailing into unknown oceans or trekking into unexplored territory, navigating one’s own emotional landscape can be a hazy, murky, and confusing process. Deep feelings can lurk within even the most self-aware individuals, requiring gentle probing from experts who are familiar with their complexity in order to bring these feelings to the surface. Thankfully, you have found someone who has mastered the nuances that go into self-exploration—now, let me show you how it is done. I have experience working with:

• ​Social Issues
• Stress
• Unhappiness
• Coping Skills
• Emotional Disturbance
• Insecurities
• Childhood issues
• Sexuality issues
• ​Grief

The ways in which I can help you explore the variety of different emotions deep within you are simply untold. Various methods and techniques that I utilize, including mind probing, will allow you to delve into your mind and harness its growing potential like never before.

You must harness the positive emotions in your life to get where you want to go, and I can show you how. Reach out to my office and arrange for a meeting with me at your next convenience. When it comes to working with the delicate balance that is your emotional health, there is no emotional coach in Fort Lauderdale, FL who is more qualified for the job than me, Jada Aleesha.

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