Psychic Attack Healer

Jada Aleesha Mind Expert And Emotional Coach | Lauderhill,FL | Psychic Attack Healer

Whether you believe spiritual and psychic attacks are real, some people have and are experiencing negativity in their lives that defies logical understanding. People's first response to these attacks is to perform some kind of ritual to release themselves from the fangs of "the enemy" or witchcraft used against them. What people need to understand is that even if the effects of the ceremony work, it's only for a time. The reason is because the ritual can be an effective technique but is only designed to work on the surface.

There are many layers of your personal energy to which the negative intent spirit has attached itself to. It will attach itself to the deepest layers which are emotion and Trauma. This means that the Ritual Ceremony will only affect the outer layers and can bring relief from spells. There will be some deep underlying remnants of the attack. We can only release those by going deep into the original Emotional Trauma that attracted the attack in the first place. If you don't get to the root of it you will more than likely attract more people who will want to attack you spiritually through witchcraft or other means.

This original trauma is the very emotional Trauma that happened in your childhood. Your childhood trauma caused you to think thoughts, beliefs and feelings that magnetized the kind of people that will attack you spiritually. The attack and nature of the attack will also be related to the nature of the Emotional Trauma. To get more long term and possibly permanent healing from psychic attack is to work on the emotional root causes and root traumas.

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